As you know, Google previously announced that it will terminate the Google Plus product as of October 2018. In the first quarter of December, he declared that he had carried out acceleration activities on this issue. So, however, we were informed that the Google Plus social network would be shut down much faster. In this article, we will talk about the Google Plus product.

In fact, it all happened when we were all thinking that one of the social media awards given every year by JD Power would go to the Google+ network. We got the news that Google+ is closing.

According to the first comments on the Google front, there are information that the Google+ product cannot reach the sufficient number of users and that the majority of its users are staying on this portal for less than 5 seconds.

Another reason underlying the closure decision is the vulnerability. Google said that between March 2018 and 2018, nearly 500,000 Google+ account data could be captured by 3rd party software as a result of a systematic error in the Google+ API. Google closes Google Plus after this announcement. However, they claim that they have found no evidence of misuse of the data.

The company said that Google Plus will continue to be a corporate release to be used only in organizations that resemble a corporate social network and are similar to a secure corporate network.

What can be done about it and what measures will Google take to avoid such problems?

Always pay attention to the information we share in your social media accounts. Check out all of your accounts, which do not appear and what your information appears. If you have a Google+ account, you're one of the few people who use it and don't actually know Google Plus. In fact, many authorities believe that Google+ is one of Google's most glorious failures. If you already have and have a Google Plus account, make sure there are no data in your account. Google will then limit the access of your 3rd party components to your data. This is exactly what Facebook did after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Facebook has now restricted access permissions for third party software to its services. Access permits are only provided for companies that have proven themselves and have adequate security levels. Postanom social media management software is an application approved by Facebook itself. So, you can continue to use our platform with confidence and peace of mind :)