Today, almost every company has a Facebook page for their product or brand. We have created this article for our followers who have already created a corporate Facebook page but are not sure how to improve it. We will try to provide information on how to use Facebook pages better and more efficiently. We will share with you tips to optimize the pages. By following these tips, your Facebook page will be visited by more visitors. This will also be an opportunity to attract more visitors and customers to your website that are actually linked with your Facebook page. Let's start:

1) Add a profile image that accurately reflects your brand. This is your logo. This picture is probably the most important because it will be displayed on Facebook search results and all your posts. When someone shares your posts on their timeline, this is the image that appears next to the picture. Make sure that the image has a square frame of 180 pixels.

2) Add an impressive cover photo of your company or brand. You never get a second chance to get a great first impression. Your cover photo is your chance. It is the largest image on your page, and we recommend that you use an impressive image of 820 x 312 pixels.

3) Enter your page information exactly. Use the description section to identify information about the company or brand and what you are doing. 255 characters are the maximum number allowed. You must enter your contact information in full. It is important to specify the phone number, website, e-mail and address information in this section. Log in to your company working hours and products here.

4) The right business category is important. Be sure to select the correct business category when creating a business page.

5) Optimize the page URL. The first time you create an enterprise business page, a random URL will automatically be generated for your Facebook page, which is not very useful. If you want to advertise your page and need a customer-friendly page URL, this auto-generated URL is not practical. To replace this URL with a more user-friendly URL; You can use the "Create  Page Username" window that appears when you click the edit user name in About section of your page. By entering your brand or product name in the username section (for example, "trustRestaurant" for a brand name "Trust Restaurant"), your page will now have a much more useful access link. We also want to emphasize a point here. You'll need at least 25 likes to be able to modify this URL. Be careful when doing this URL modification because you can do it only once.

6) Give confidence. Based on the reviews, everyone makes conscious choices. People check your online reputation before decide to work with you. It is important to build reliability. This is possible with regular sharings. Using a social media management software, you could easily share posts on your page and keep your facebook page active.

7) Check your page performance. Of course you should also check the performance after optimizing your facebook page. This process is very easy to do. Click on statistics in the top menu; this will allow you to access any data that will help you understand what is going on. Click on the Page Quality link at the top of your page to measure your page quality. This page shows you information about whether your page violates facebook rules.

All of this may seem like a lot of work, but believe that by starting to implement these steps one by one, it is up to you to see that your visitors are always more than they ever are.