Facebook has increased investment in its suite of business tools, including a new hosting service that is likely to attract small and medium-sized businesses. Details about this service are currently pretty scarce. The social networking giant is working hard with its partners to offer hosting in the coming months.
A post on the Facebook blog says: “Businesses have a variety of technology needs, and the companies they work with want to choose to host and manage customer communications, especially as remote work increases.
Therefore, in the coming months, we plan to expand our partnerships with business solution providers with whom we have worked for the past two years. We will also introduce a new option for businesses to manage their WhatsApp messages through hosting services Facebook plans to offer. "
Facebook is working to increase its attractiveness to business customers, especially through WhatsApp for Business. It recently announced a way for individuals to shop directly through WhatsApp conversations, while also making it easier for retailers to integrate it into existing e-commerce approaches.
In a statement made on a technology site; Facebook announced that the new hosting service will be offered to businesses free of charge, which will remove the financial burden for companies that want to use the WhatsApp Business API. Facebook's experience of running online infrastructure in combination with its vast collection of data centers means it will be an attractive option for companies looking for a new hosting provider.
Facebook has also confirmed that it will offer a service for businesses that allows them to manage their WhatsApp messages directly through their hosting service. This service will make it much easier for small and medium-sized organizations to connect with their customers through this medium to manage their communications.
Meanwhile, while waiting for more details on Facebook's new hosting platform, other website builders are not wondering how threatening this new service is. We do not know if social media software would prefer Facebook's hosting service. However, we can say that the company has made an assertive entrance in this regard.