Postanom works as a cloud service and has a responsive design as a website interface.

Without any configuration; Postanom works easily through mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and PCs.

Only one web browser is enough to work with Postanom.



Postanom allows you to manage all your social media accounts through a single platform.

You don't need to use different usernames and passwords on social media sites.

Posts are posted on many social media websites with a single entry from one platform.


In corporate companies, social media management should be in a way that suits the corporate company structure and company vision. The priority is of course that the company determines a strategy in this regard. Possible questions about the strategy; Why will we be involved in social media? What are our goals on social media? Who are our customers? Who do we contact? It is great benefit for corporate firms to enter social media after the answers to these questions. These goals and strategy should then be adopted very well by the marketing team.

So what should we pay attention to in social media strategy? What social media channels should we take part in? There is a very clear answer here. Your customer is almost there. In other words, it is very important to increase your one-to-one contact with customers or to follow your customer's feedback. For example; you have done a market research and your potential customers are using the Twitter mostly. Then you should listen to them there and take action accordingly. It is very important to determine the right social media channel for the products or services that you will develop later. In other words, our social media strategy in corporate companies should be based on identifying where the customer is and actively taking part there.

Another important point is that the location and language preferences are done correctly. Which countries or provinces would you like to sell? For example, the strategy chosen for domestic and international sales on social media will vary. Your native language is enough in the country that you live. However, when the target is overseas, the situation is slightly different. It is important to determine the social media strategy according to the overseas market. The human resources in the marketing and sales department of the corporate company must be selected accordingly.

In addition, it'll be good to work with a good social media manager and team. A social media team that works well will add value to your company. Since this team will perform the representation of your company's brands in social media, it is very important that the team is experienced. One of the most important ways to increase brand awareness and brand value of corporate companies is through social media.

Speaking of the importance of the social media team in corporate companies, we would like to point out that this team should also benefit from the social media management software Postanom, which makes their work much easier and allows them to use their time more efficiently. Postanom is an actively developed SAAS (software as a service) application which allows all social media accounts to be managed from a single panel and allows planned posts.

Finally, let's talk about LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social media platform more suitable for B2B (Business to Business) sales and marketing. Without exception, all companies need to have a LinkedIn company page and manage this page by their social media teams.